Entheos Academy - Live Your Truth. Love Your Life with Ashley Turner ft Terri Cole

Entheos Academy - Live Your Truth. Love Your Life with Ashley Turner ft Terri Cole. Get Entheos Academy - Live Your Truth. Love Your Life with Ashley Turner f...
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Entheos Academy - Live Your Truth. Love Your Life with Ashley Turner ft Terri Cole

Get Entheos Academy - Live Your Truth. Love Your Life with Ashley Turner ft Terri Cole at the sunlurn

If not YOU…who? If not NOW…when?

January 25 - February 29

6 wk. tele-course with Ashley Turner + Terri Cole
Anyone anywhere can join!

90 min. call every Wednesday + LIVE coaching every week with Ashley + Terri

Course Overview

Modern psychology meets ancient wisdom. In Live Your Truth, Love Your Life, you will work directly with Ashley Turner and Terri Cole as they address the following questions + give you the 6 Keys to Live Your Truth and Love Your Life!

- Do you live your truth every day?
- Are you doing what you love?
- Is your inner life different from the outer life you live?
- Are you happy but you still feel like something is missing?

This potent 6-week course is a fusion of the best tools from east and west. Turn Fear into Freedom and start Living Your Truth and Loving Your Life.

Dates + Tuition

Dates: January 25 + February 1, 8, 15, 22, 29
6 Wednesdays, 6pm PST | 9pm EST

Can’t make the calls? No problem! Download an MP3 of the class the next day.

Tuition: $175

* If cash is tight, we offer a “Pick Your Price” model where you can choose to pay $175/$100/$20.
* If cash is *super* tight, you can apply for a scholarship!

Who Should Attend?

If you are wondering why your best efforts are NOT producing the life of your dreams and are seeking empowerment, success and joy, this course is for you!

Are you ready to dig deep underneath the surface and shift what’s not working? This course provides a step by step guide to identifying and smashing your blocks so you are free to Live Your Truth and Love Your Life!

What You’ll Learn Each Week


  • What is TRUTH?
  • Where is your center of TRUTH? (Where TRUTH lives in your body.)
  • How to Hear + Know Your Truth
  • The problem with Truth
  • The 2 questions you MUST ask yourself every day.


  • “NO” is not a 4-letter word
  • How to Honor Your Truth
  • How to Speak Your Truth
  • Lying is NOT “Nice”

Week 3: “F*#% YOUR FEAR MIND”

  • How to identify + beat your Mafia Mind.
  • Slaying Your Dragons: The Hero/Heroine’s Journey

Week 4: “YOU = THE ONE + ONLY”

  • The Thief of Joy
  • The function of the Ego
  • The ABC’s of Living your Truth


  • How to clear unconscious beliefs, lies + limitations
  • What is your happiness ‘set point’?
  • Unopened gifts


  • False Self vs. Core Self
  • 5 Keys to accessing your Core Self in every moment
  • What is your passion? Purpose? Dharma?

What You’ll Get Out of the Course

  • The 6 Keys to Live Your Truth + Love Your Life.
  • A personalized Blueprint for daily living
  • Weekly, individual laser coaching with Terri + Ashley to identify your truth and breakthrough blocks in all areas of your life
  • Your own supportive, interactive community to inspire you and hold you accountable

About Ashley Turner + Terri Cole

Elevating personal growth as a lifestyle, Ashley Turner, M.A., MFTI brings a fresh approach to yoga as a modern day psychotherapist with a soulful bent on celebrating the body’s wisdom and inner spirit. Known as a passionate voice bridging east and west, Ashley is a leader in the next generation of body-mind-spiritual teachers.

She is the creator of several best-selling yoga dvd’s, co-author of Aroma Yoga®:A Guide to Using Essential Oils in Your Practice + Your Life and Director of the Mind-Body-Yoga program at Montage Laguna Beach, where she leads monthly workshops.

Her work has been featured in top-tier media such as Self, Shape, Fitness,Natural Health, Yoga Journal,  Martha Stewart Living Radio, Organic Spa and Women’s Health. In addition to her weekly e-volve videos, she is a contributing blogger for The Daily LoveThe Huffington Post and Elephant Journal among others.

Deep, witty, and laser focused, she draws on the source texts of yoga while incorporating Neurobiology, Jungian Psychology, Ayurveda, Tantra, Shamanism and Priestess work - vigorously challenging students from the inside out. She is known for her ability to translate complex themes into practical, real-life tools accessible to all.

With a diverse palate and ability to speak directly to her audience, Ashley has toured with rock stars, lectures in academic settings and leads transformational events worldwide. She lives in Santa Monica, CA and Aspen, CO.

Terri Cole, founder of Live Fearless and Free, is a licensed psychotherapist and an expert in transforming fear into freedom. Terri has spent the last two decades empowering companies, celebrities, professional athletes, Broadway performers, supermodels and individuals across the globe to Live Fearless and Free. This program combines harnessing the power of intention, practical psychology, and thought innovation to create sustainable change and grew out of Terri’s work and research as a psychotherapist and her personal experience, or as she calls it, her “PhD in Fear.”

Terri spent 14 years exploring the mind-body connection to “demystify” fear while running her private psychotherapy/coaching practice in New York, Los Angeles, and internationally.

From these experiences, Terri has taught thousands of clients to transform their fear into freedom. Embracing empathy, razor sharp insight and wicked wit, she shares her wisdom through TV appearances (including The Conversation on Lifetime and Monster In-Laws on A&E), guest articles (a regular contributor to Crazy Sexy Life), guided meditation CDs, her “Flip Over and Float” group coaching, and soon-to-be published first solo book.

Terri also worked for years as an adjunct professor at New York University and has been a featured speaker at several of the top retreat centers in the US such, as The Omega Institute, Kripalu, The Crossings, and Unity NYC.

Terri’s most recent victory in fear: she got over here fear of heights by taking up the trapeze.

Praise for Ashley Turner + Terri Cole

“Ashley Turner changed my yoga practice! Prior to meeting Ashley I treated yoga like any other workout - just muscling my way through. Her unique style combines humor, patience and grace. For the first time, she taught me how to combine power and flexibility with mind and spirit.”
Tony Horton, P90x Fitness Guru

“Ashley is a trusted confidante, friend, priestess and leader. She is a powerful motivator and a strong influence. Over the last 4 years, our work together slows me down and helps me think more clearly and creatively.”
Pete Yorn, Recording Artist

“Ashley has been an extraordinary gift for me personally and to scores of Guthy-Renker employees she has inspired to reach their physical and spiritual potential. Her teaching style is calming, which gives you confidence to push yourself and do things you did not think were possible. Before you know it, you feel better than you thought possible!”
Ben Van de Bunt, CEO Gunthy Renker

”Terri Cole is a powerful force of nature. She will teach you how to smash your blocks and unleash your inner fire. If you want to be fearless and free, listen to Terri. Listen very carefully.”
Kris Carr, Best-Selling Author, Wellness Coach & Founder of

”Terri’s inspiration and positive vibe are contagious! I love her Live Fearless and Free philosophy and look forward to the book. Since the only moment that exists is right now, my favorite Terri saying is, “If not you…Who? If not now…When??”
Davidji, Lead Educator, The Chopra Center

“Terri Cole is a powerhouse healer, spiritual teacher and coach. With a passion for service and a deep desire to shift the energy of the planet Terri is an true miracle worker.”
Gabrielle Bernstein, Bestselling author of Spirit Junkie and Add More ~ing To Your Life, Founder of

Get Entheos Academy - Live Your Truth. Love Your Life with Ashley Turner ft Terri Cole at the sunlurn