Jordan Belfort - Script Writing

Jordan Belfort - Script Writing. (Script Builder And Deflect And Loop Course) You remember, right? Leonardo DiCaprio playing me, Jordan Belfort, in The Wolf o...
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Jordan Belfort - Script Writing (Script Builder And Deflect And Loop Course)

Jordan Belfort - Script Writing

You remember, right? Leonardo DiCaprio playing me, Jordan Belfort, in The Wolf of Wall Street. And power selling penny stocks on the phone while the rest of the sales team stood by in silent awe. That’s an example of the perfect sale - where everything almost magically falls into place and you chalk up another winner.

Truth: that scene was not part of a Hollywood script. That was a small snippet of the actual script I wrote for my sales team after they crashed and burned trying to sell “out of their league.”

In real life, that was just an amazing day. These guys barely made it out of high school and they were attempting to close the wealthiest and most sophisticated prospects on the planet. That carefully written script turned a sales disaster into a commission bonanza.  

And it proved once and for all that I could take anyone, from any background or circumstance, and turn that person into a world class closer.

Yeah, I got caught up in that whole greed thing along the way, but that was my own youthful foolishness. That sales script, however, was rock solid. And very little of it made it into the movie because it was just too valuable to reveal in its entirety.

Now that’s all about to change because today I will show you step-by-step

How to Craft Your Own  Million Dollar Sales Scripts

Now don’t think for a minute that because my heart is in sales that I’m being sensational here. In terms of today’s dollar, no one on my sales team ever earned less than a million dollars a year.

The best of my people were taking home $4 million to $5 million - for reciting words on a piece of paper! 

You can do the same! I’m offering to teach you the right words to say, when to say them, in what order to say them and the precise emotion that will underpin each word that comes out of your mouth.

Catch my drift here? There is an exact science behind the success of the sales scripts I write. Every syllable, every comma, every intonation gets carefully evaluated and adjusted. I leave nothing to chance.

The end result is a perfectly balanced, rhythmic, almost hypnotic sales script that keeps you in control while still encouraging productive dialogue -turning skeptics into believers, prospects into lifelong customers. 

So a million dollar sales script means exactly that. No fluff. No smoke and mirrors. Just amazing results! And because creating great scripts is more science than art, it’s both teachable and duplicatable. That means you can do exactly what I’ve done and more.

Eliminate the Pain of Bad Scripts

Poorly written scripts can leave you vulnerable to failure. 

  • If a prospect ever shut you down before you had a chance to ask a single qualifying question, you were probably working off a bad script.
  • If the words didn’t flow with silky smoothness you were probably working off a bad script.
  • If a prospect wasn’t excited after the first 8 seconds and wasn’t begging to hear every detail of your offer, you were definitely working off a bad script.
  • And if a prospect ever told you your script sounded almost exactly like the script used by your three leading competitors, well, you get my point.

None of this frustration is necessary. You can now custom design your own script that lets you speak naturally and with confidence, keeps you in control of the conversation and tells your prospect you’re someone worth listening to. That’s what I’m offering you today.

Yes! You Need a Script!

Don’t fall for the misguided belief that you should just “wing it” and say whatever comes to mind as if this will make the conversation more “friendly.” This is a grave misconception that will cost you sales.

Listen … if you’re making outgoing calls you’re going to be interrupting someone’s busy day. Do you think they want to stop what they’re doing just to have a friendly conversation with a total stranger?

Or do you think they want proof right up front that you’re on the ball, that have something of value to offer them and that you’re not going to waste their time! I’ll show you how to build a script that will help you gain instant rapport with any prospect. That means you’ll be a friendly conversationalist and a force to be reckoned with - at the same time!

This Octane Boost Will Make You Unstoppable

When I commit, I go all balls out. I don’t know what a less-than-100%-effort is. I encouraged the same from my sales team and I made sure they had every advantage when dealing with prospects. I will not give you any less.

That’s why I’m including the essential elements of The Straight Line Persuasion System in your script-building course. While Script Builder Technology gives you the mechanics of script writing, The Straight Line Persuasion System gives you the psychology of selling. The two are really powerful on their own, but when they’re combined, the results can be explosive.

I have included everything that relates directly to sales scripts. And I’ve weaved this Straight Line Technology into the Script Builder Technology so you get one seamless, easy-to-grasp formula.

There’s More to a Script Than Words!

 Discover the 91% of Communication  

You May Be Missing Out On

This is such a crucial part of the success behind my Straight Line Persuasion System that I had to share it with you as part of Script Builder Technology.

If your past scripts have sounded robotic or wooden, it’s likely that no one has ever taught you the effective use of tonality and body language. As a result you may have found it difficult to build rapport.

That’s because only 9% of human communication is words. The other 91% is tonality and body language. That’s what gives our words emotional impact.

Almost as if I were your acting and voice coach, I’ll show you how to express each word (by sight and sound) with the correct tonality, and to deliver it with perfect timing.

By the way, I’m including a comprehensive study of body language in your course because you should script even face-to-face meetings with prospects. Always know what you’re going to say and how you’re going to say it.

You’ll Learn All This Too!

  • How to structure the opening of your script so your prospects know instantly that you’re not just another salesperson and that you’re worth listening to.
  • Develop the right qualifying questions and the correct order in which to ask them so you present yourself as an expert in your field and not an “under-the-bright-lights” interrogator.
  • Expertly use the subtle nuances in words, timing and tonality to affect your prospect’s emotions on an unconscious level.
  • Create absolute certainty in your own head so the words on paper come alive and strike the right emotional chord with your prospects.
  • Uncover your prospect’s buying beliefs and then position your product or service as the perfect solution. Custom tailoring your offer in this way greatly lowers your prospect’s buying resistance.
  • Script out all your rebuttals so you can handle objections effectively, without breaking rapport and without deviating from your straight line path to closing the sale.

No need to force your prospect into submission and no need to try “every close in the book.” Once you see the model script in action, you’ll understand how prospects will eagerly follow your lead toward the close.

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Script Builder technology includes a 66-page PDF workbook with detailed instructions on how to compose your winning script.

We’ll examine each element - The Open, The Body, The Close and The Rebuttal - using a complete model script. You can adapt this script to your specific needs or use it as a guide to build your own script from scratch.

Every nuance is covered in great detail so you’ll understand the purpose for each element and how they integrate into a perfect sales script.

Jordan Belfort - Script Writing

I’m also including a 56-minute, 4-part video.

I’ll take you on a guided tour of the entire script building process, from the Opening, to the Main Body or the Presentation, right through to the Close. You’ll discover why scripts must be an integral part of your sales strategy to how my script building technology produces more consistent winners.

Then we dig deep into the structure of sales scripts, starting with the three critical elements of the opening, the ultra-smooth transition into the presentation and the use of specific language and tonal patterns to close the sale.

And if you’re concerned about objections, you’ll discover a far better way to handle them than the usual whac-a-mole approach - beat the objection down as soon as it leaves your prospect’s lips. Who’s in control of the conversation when you do that?

I’ll show you how to set aside the objection, again, using specific language and tonal patterns and answer the objection when you decide the time is right.

Finally, I share actual footage of a corporate training session in which we rehearse and edit, on the fly, a new cold call script.

Full Video Transcript
Included at No Charge

As an added bonus, you’ll receive a complete 39-page transcript of the Script Builder Technology Video enabling you to study the content in more detail and even do a search for specific words and phrases.

A Treasure Chest Filled  

With Bonus Scripts  

Take 30 Days to Test Drive

I never want anyone to be unhappy with any of my products. Fortunately 98.2% of all my customers see the tremendous value I offer them and they’ve gone on to reap some amazing financial rewards as a result.  But to be fair to everyone, I offer a simple guarantee.   Try Script Builder Technology for the next 30 days. Study the structure and the strategies behind the model script. Listen to the solid advice I give you in the 54-minute support video. Now that you have a sense for what a winning script is supposed to sound like, see how easy it is to build your own. Prove to yourself you can do better than what you’re currently working with.   After all that if you’re not totally blown away by the magic behind Script Builder Technology I insist you contact my Support Team for an immediate refund. Every penny. No questions asked. Fair enough?

While you’re building your winning sales script, keep these words from the Wolf of Wall Street in mind …

I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. I choose rich every time.  

Are you behind on your credit card bills? Good! Pick up the phone and start dialing.

Is your landlord ready to evict you? Good! Pick up the phone and start dialing.

Does your girlfriend think you’re a worthless loser? Good! Pick up the phone and start dialing.

I want you to deal with your problems by becoming rich!

All you have to do is pick up the phone and speak the words that I have taught you.

And I will make you richer than the most powerful CEO in the United States of America!

Script Builder

Intro to Script Builder

The ability to write, practice and deliver effective scripts is one of the cornerstones of the Straight Line Persuasion system. In Script Builder, youll discover why scripts are important, the five criteria of effective scripts, as well as uncover the detailed structure of an effective script. Of course, weve also provided a sample script for you so you can see the whole process in action.

Done-For-You Scripts

Copyright & Disclaimer

Generic Forex Opening Script
Peter works for the fictional Traders Profit, in Manchester. He’s following up on leads collected at a previously held seminar. Since these are warm leads, Peter is free to go for the close in this first go around.

Generic Forex First Rebuttal
Peters still going strong. He’s received the anticipated objection from the prospect and now he can come back with his rebuttals.

Generic Hedge Fund Opening Script
Matt works for the fictional Capital Investment Partners, in London. He’s calling to introduce his hedge fund to high net worth individuals. Note that Matt isn’t selling anything. He’s simply gathering intelligence and offering send out company and product information.

Generic Hedge Fund Closing Script
In this follow-up call, Carl takes over and armed with the information Matt has already gathered, he goes for the close.

Generic Hedge Fund First Rebuttal
Here we have two rebuttals, to be used in succession. Start at the top when your prospect says “no” and work your way down.

Generic Solar Sales Opening Script
Matt is back again, this time working for the fictional Green Energy Solutions, in Australia. Matts script takes advantage of an outside factor: government rebates available to homeowners. Follow the math to see how Matt presents his prospect with a virtual risk-free investment that can actually generate income.

Generic Solar Sales Closing Script
Chris takes over with this script whenever Matt cant close a deal. A little more math, a little more logic, some humor and the injection of fear are all a part of this powerful script.

Generic Solar Rebuttal
Like the others, only theres just one. Thats all you’ll need!

Generic Stock Market Rebuttals
Get some rest before gazing at this massive collection of rebuttals covering just about every objection you’ll ever have to deal with. Originally written by Jordan for his sales team at Stratton Oakmont, many of these rebuttals can be adapted to other products, especially those of interest to high net worth individuals.

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